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Salads are considered as one of the healthiest food choices as its major ingredients are the raw or cooked fruits or vegetables. In some recipes, grilled, steamed or boiled chicken and seafood are added. The nutritional significance of salad ingredients is certain. Sometimes they don’t feel appetizing but adding a variety of colourful vegetables and fruits, one can make it exciting and appealing.

5 Awesome Reasons to consume Salad Daily:

1. Rich in nutrients

Green leafy vegetables are considered as basis of salads. Various nutrients like protein, iron, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, nitrates, antioxidants, magnesium, beta-carotenes and phytochemicals are responsible for the potential therapeutic and nutraceutical effects of these vegetables.

2. Source of fibre

Fruits and vegetables are a rich source of fibre. It aids in the management of healthy bowel movements, thus, facilitating digestion. Moreover, fibre intake controls the blood sugar level and LDL (bad cholesterol).

3. Disease prevention and management

Globally, chronic illnesses are the major cause of death. To reduce the risk of any disease, it is better to prevent it prior to its severity. The prevention and management of any disease is linked with the lifestyle modification. The most vital aspect of lifestyle modification is to maintain the intake of calories and to consume a balanced as well as nutritious diet. In the modern era, where there is an increased trend of consuming fast foods rich in fats and sugar, aggravates the risk of numerous health problems. The concept of replacing the fats and simple sugars with fruits and vegetables is a key ingredient of nutritious diet and a step towards healthy lifestyle. Regular intake of vegetables and fruits is closely linked with the management of various diseases.

  • Green leafy- cruciferous vegetables have vitamin K which aids in maintaining gut health.
  • The calcium, vitamin K and magnesium content of various vegetables help in building strong bones.
  • The beta-carotenes and vitamin A in carrot facilitates eye health.
  • The overall bad-fat content in vegetables and fruits is very low, thus supports in lowering LDL and reducing disease risk.
  • The ascorbic acid, anti-oxidants and carotenoids present in these products reduce the oxidative stress, the leading cause of many diseases.

4. Weight Management

Salads are considered as appetizers. Eating a healthy, low-caloric and nutritious appetizer will aid in satiety, thus leading to less consumption of the main course. The fibre content of salad plays a major role in this.

5. Immunity Boaster

The micronutrients in salad play a very beneficial role in enhancing the immunity. In this COVID-19 duration, the importance of immunity enhancers is certain. Apart from physical health, vegetables, and fruits also aid in the maintenance of mental health and emotional functions.


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