When your infant or kid is feeling ill, it may be quite distressing, as our highly qualified paediatricians at Mehdelp International are aware of. Our paediatrics staff is committed to making your child’s visit to the clinic as comfortable as possible and to restoring his or her smile. From infancy to adolescence, our paediatricians provide complete, high-quality medical care for infants and kids.

Our team of Paediatrics offer the following treatments:

  1. Vaccinations for babies and children
  2. Childhood infections
  3. Diagnosis and treatment of Asthma
  4. Diagnosis and treatment Allergic reactions
  5. Behaviour assessment and management (ADHD, ODD, CD)
  6. Growth and Development monitoring for babies and children
  7. Overweight and Obesity in children
  8. Screening and early detection of congenital disorders in children
  9. Treatment of common & seasonal infections in babies and children

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