A highly recommended healthcare setup in the heart of twin cities. Their state-of-the-art machinery and accurate results are their forte. Way to go!

Syeda Shela Raza
Provincial Minister of Sindh for Women Development

Team Medhelp International goes the extra mile to make sure their patients receive highly personalised world-class care. A must-visit facility for all things healthcare.

Imran Ghani
Senior Manager Punjab Cambridge International

A team of highly professional and dedicated doctors, lab staff and management is the biggest asset of Medhelp International. I was amazed to see international-level healthcare facilities at their clinic and diagnostic centre in Gulberg Greens.

Kashif Manzoor Malik
Deputy Secretary Prime Minister’s Office Islamabad

An admirable healthcare facility with the right team and the best equipment. Whether it's a regular checkup, emergency, or diagnostic requirement, Medhelp International is among my top choices.

Syed Khurram Mushtaq
Business man